Sports update

Wetherby Kensington v’s Falkner House

By Mr Gibb

On Friday 21st May Wetherby Kensington had their first ever cricket fixture at Hyde Park. The opponents for the occasion were Falkner house’s Year 3 boys.

Kaplan, Zach, Ayden, Ari, Sasha, Andrey, Sebastian and Evo made up the All Blacks squad for the first match. The game was a very close encounter. Falkner House won by four runs, their extra year experience just got them over the line. An excellent effort by the boys in their first cricket match. Sasha was complemented by the umpire for his outstanding bowling technique. Evo batted well throughout alongside Andrey who was full of team spirit. Sebastian managed to utilize his brilliant fielding skills to retrieve the ball and hit the wickets with a great throw. Well done to all who were involved.

The Dragons eight man squad was Leonardo, Carter, Phillip, Kiaan, Robbie, Leo, Max and the captain, Arthur. Wetherby opened the bowling and did extremely well. Carter, Arthur, Robbie all took wickets. Kiaan managing to restrict Falkner house to 3 runs with his excellent bowling. Falkner house managed to score 242 runs. Kensington had a lot to do when batting. Kiaan managed to hit a 6 and also steal one sneaky and important run from some careless Falkner house fielding. Phillip hit a boundary and Carter managed to hit two boundaries. Max batted against a superb bowler and managed to utilize his forward drive to keep the wickets safe, a very mature batting performance. The Dragons were excellent at communicating when to run and when to stay which resulted in many single runs scored. In the end Wetherby won by 1 run scoring 243 which showed the importance of single runs and stealing them whenever possible. An excellent performance from both teams in their first Cricket matches.Well done to all boys.