Year 3 Notting Hill Prep tournament

Year 3 Notting Hill Prep tournament

On the 6TH November Notting Hill prep held their annual Year 3 Football tournament with 16 different schools attending. Wetherby Kensington took a team of 5 boys – Noah in goals, Leo in defense, Carter and Kaplan in midfield and Zach in attack.

Game 1 was against Thomas’s Kensington which we won comfortably 2 – 0. A great team goal from Carter and the second from Zach. Game 2 was against the hosts Notting Hill Prep. They were the better team on this occasion and won the match 2 – 0. Our final game we played Hampshire School and won 3 – 0. Zach scoring two of the goals and Carter scoring the other 1. At the end of the group stage we finished second and we went through to the quarter finals.

The quarter final match was a very close encounter. We had quite a few chance to win but couldn’t hit the target, Zach coming close on three occasions. The game finished 0 – 0 and then remained 0 – 0 after extra time. This led to a penalty shootout. Wetherby won the shootout 3-2. Leo scoring the winning penalty to secure a place in the semifinal vs Wetherby School Notting Hill.

The semifinal was very intense. Mr Gibb on one side against his old school on the other side. We were yet to ever beat Wetherby Notting Hill. However they under estimated a very improved and hardworking team. All the boys defended brilliantly throughout, so well that our defense turned into an attack. Carter put pressure on the defender and tackled him with brute strength, to then run through on goals and calmly score to make it 1 – 0. For the remainder of the minutes Wetherby Kensington defended like Trojans. Final whistle went and the fans went wild. An amazing achievement.

After the excitement of beating Wetherby Notting Hill, we had to face Notting hill Prep again who defeated us 2 – 0 earlier in the group stage. This time the game was a lot closer and finished 0 – 0 after full time and after extra time. Our 5 players were exhausted from playing every minute of every game but were ready to face one more penalty shootout. Wetherby Kensington went first, with Mr reliable Carter scoring calmly into the bottom corner. Notting Hill Prep missed the target so Wetherby were in the lead. Penalty two and captain fantastic Zach rocketed his shot into the roof of the net. As the shootout was only best from 3, all we needed was Notting Hill prep to miss or Noah to safe. A very tense moment… The Notting Hill prep player hit a rocket of a penalty high and heading into the top of the goals but our Noah, the absolute hero, made himself big and tall and tipped it over the bar. WETHERBY KENSINGTON WERE CHAMPIONS!

Noah, Kaplan, Leo, Carter and Zach are the first in Wetherby Kensington History to win a cup competition and bring a trophy to the school. Wetherby Kensington is very proud to have these terrific boys at their school.