children using a giant ruler

Year 2 science morning

To celebrate the end of exams we enjoyed a science morning. We have been learning about materials and their uses. We wanted to conduct a fair test to find out which ball bounced the highest. We looked at different types of balls and thought about the properties of their materials. We used scientific vocabulary to describe the materials, for example: strong, absorbent, light and flexible. The balls were made of rubber, plastic, fabric, foam and Styrofoam. Firstly, we predicted which ball would bounce the highest. Joaquim thought it would be the football as it is full of air which makes it light so easier to bounce. Faris thought it might be the plastic ball with holes as it was so small and light it would have nothing to weigh it down! Using a metre ruler, an observer and a dropper we changed only one variable- the balls! This ensures it is a fair test.

After some fun work on the experiment we came to the conclusion that the football was the bounciest, at 65cm. The juggling ball was the least bounciest- it did not bounce at all and we recorded a score of 0cm! We also worked hard on our maths skills by learning to read the meter ruler effectively.

The boys teamwork so good today that once we had tidied our apparatus away we played duck, duck, goose in the hall with the foam ball!