A young boy in their living room at home sat on a rowing machine.

Max rows 700m on his 7th birthday!

Max rows for the Rainforest Trust UK

A year 2 boy has raised nearly £1000 for Rainforest Trust UK on his 7th birthday! Max, a student in year 2 at Wetherby Kensington, was inspired by an article about a couple who re-planted a forest region that had become dry and desolate.  In 20 years they rebuilt the 1,754-acre forest, transforming it from a barren plot of land to a tropical paradise, with 293 new species of tree and hundreds of new species of animals. 

Max is passionate about saving the rainforest and planet earth and we are so proud of this incredible achievement! 

Can we get Max to reach £1000? Visit his Just Giving page where you can read more information on his amazing efforts.