Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Teachers and Assistants and Senior Leadership Team

Miss A. Nicholson, BA Hons (Portsmouth), PGCE and MA in Education (Cambridge) RN Teacher
Mrs S. Arunn, BA (Hons) Warwick, PGCE International Child Studies (Kings College University) RN Assistant and Reception and Year 1 art teacher
Miss K. Round, BA Hons (Leeds), PGCE (Roehampton)
RR Teacher
Miss Tasneem Uddin, BA Hons (Roehampton) RR Assistant
Miss J. Preece, BA (Hons) Plymouth, PGCE (Bristol UE) 1P Teacher
Mrs S. Coker BA (Hons) Bath 1P Assistant
Miss Sian Allen, BA Hons Leeds, PGCE (Sheffield Hallam) 1M Teacher
Miss N. Daniel, BA (Hons) 1M Assistant
Miss O. Painter- Wain. BA Hons (Warwick), PGCE (Bristol UEA) 2P Teacher
Mr L. Owen, BSc Roehampton 2P Assistant
Miss C. Tarrant, BA Hons (Exeter), PGCE (Roehampton) 2T Teacher and SLT
Miss G. Ferguson (Quest Professional Business, London) 2T Assistant and Year 2 and 3 Art Teacher
Mr S. Barrett, BA Hons and PGCE (Swansea)  3B Teacher
Miss K. Griffiths, Diploma (Montessori International) 3B Teaching Assistant
Miss C. McKay BA (Hons) Queen’s University Belfast, PGCE (Hertfordshire)  3M Teacher
Mr Giles Roberts , BA Hons (Bournemouth), BA Hons (The Oxford School of Drama) 3M Teaching Assistant
Miss A. Ullathorne, Bachelor of Arts, Educational Studies (University of Oregon), MA of Science in Education (Bank Street College, NYC) Floating Teacher
Miss Lauren Valleley, BEd Hons Primary Education with QTS (Glasgow) Deputy Head Pastoral
Mrs E. Rubbert, BA Hons and QTS (Leicester) Deputy Head Academic
Mrs T. McClay, BA (Hons) Exeter, PGCE (Roehampton) Floating Teacher

Specialist Teachers

Ms F. Dalzell, BMus (Hons) ARCM PgDip (London) Head of Music
Miss F. Merritt, BA (Hons), QTS (Chichester) Head of Learning Support
Mr M. Gibb, BA (Hons) York,  PGCE (Buckingham)  Head of Sport
Miss A. Mohun, BA (Hons) Open University, PGCE (Oxford) Head of French
Mr P. Morgenegg, BA, France  Head of ICT


Miss A. Peel, BA (Hons) Oxford Brookes Headmistress’s PA/School Secretary
Mrs V. Charnaud BA (Hons) Reading University, MIRCS Finance Officer and Registrar


Mr M. Ashmeil Premises Manager