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The Wellbeing Award

Wetherby Kensington was thrilled to be awarded the accredited Wellbeing Award for Schools in July 2020, which acknowledges the high level of provision for the support of emotional wellbeing and mental health within the school.

The Wellbeing Award was set up in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) to assist schools in promoting the emotional wellbeing and positive mental health of staff and pupils. The NCB seeks to support schools in embedding a culture of good emotional wellbeing and mental health across the school community. The Wellbeing Award aims to support schools in building the confidence and resilience of children, enabling them to flourish.

Further information on the Wellbeing Award can be found on the website:

In completing the award, Wetherby Kensington was able to receive recognition for existing practice, whilst also focusing on further developing provision.

During the final assessment of provision, conducted by an external verifier, it was noted that as a school, we understand the different types of emotional and mental health needs across the school community and that systems are in place to assist us in responding appropriately. Importantly, there is a culture where any stigma around emotional wellbeing and mental health is removed and as a school we work to raise awareness and create supportive networks for parents, pupils and staff.

Please see the verification documentation for further details on the key elements of our provision, recognised by the Wellbeing Award.

Please click here for the Wellbeing Award Certificate