Wetherby Bursary and Scholarship Fund

It is such a delight to work in a school where the boys are so eager to come through the red doors each morning. Their enthusiasm, dedication and zest for life make Wetherby Kensington a unique and special place to be. Each day, seeing the boys working hard, enjoying themselves, having fun, developing as individuals and reaching their full potential are the reasons we are all here. We believe all children should have the opportunity to have this magical school experience.

We believe passionately that we should work actively to help more boys who would benefit from everything we are able to offer our boys. We would like to highlight the important work of the Gold Standard Charitable Trust (GSCT), a charity working on behalf of Wetherby Kensington to help the school provide much needed bursary support to new and existing families.

The GSCT is a registered charity, governed by a board of trustees, which supports the school with its fundraising efforts and administration of bursary awards. The sole purpose of the charity is to provide bursaries; it does not make grants for any other purpose. Two streams of support are offered by the Trust – hardship grants for families in our community who fall on hard times or have a change in circumstances, and secondly life-changing awards for pupils who due to financial barriers could not otherwise consider a Wetherby Kensington education. Following the recent pandemic and economic downturn, the demand for support from the Trust has risen significantly. The importance of the charity and its good works has never been greater than it is now. If you would like to find out more about the charity please don’t hesitate to contact info@goldstandardcharitabletrust.co.uk  or visit the gold standard charitable trust website.

It is our aim to increase support for the Wetherby Kensington Bursary and Scholarship Fund to ensure that our school community is vibrant, diverse and accessible. We would like to ensure a Wetherby education is available to those from less advantaged backgrounds whilst continuing to provide an essential safety net for current pupils. We aim for our red door to be as wide open as possible and I warmly invite you to help us achieve this.

Please see below the Wetherby Kensington Bursary Appeal Brochure which sets out a number of ways in which parents are able to contribute, from the ‘Wetherby Regular Giving Society’ to full award endowment. You will also see below the Wetherby Kensington Interactive Donation Form. Every little helps and every donor makes a big difference to a boy’s life, so the amount one can give and over what period of time is really up to each donor.

Wetherby Kensington is a school with a distinct sense of community and a clear moral purpose. The boys are keenly aware of the charitable opportunities available so close to home. I do hope you are able to join me in supporting the fund, knowing that we are only enriched by its two core purposes.

Please note the new address for the Gold Standard Charitable Trust is: 40 Queen Anne Street, London, W1G 9EL

Wetherby Kensington Bursary Appeal Brochure

Wetherby Kensington Interactive Donation Form