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Wetherby Ambassador

Being a Wetherby Ambassador is the boys’ most important task; boys are proud to wear the Wetherby uniform and are proud to be an Ambassador for their school. Trust, respect, honesty and a hardworking attitude are intrinsic in all that we teach. At Wetherby Kensington being a Wetherby Ambassador is part of everyday school life.

To be a Wetherby Ambassador the boys:

  • Remember their manners
  • Speak correctly and at the right time
  • Wear their uniform correctly
  • Listen to their teachers and parents / carers
  • Behave appropriately
  • Respect people and property

Each week in assembly one boy from each year group is given an award for being a Wetherby Ambassador. His photograph is taken and is displayed on the Wetherby Ambassador noticeboard outside the school office.