group of young boys sitting on a bench


The geography curriculum at Wetherby Kensington promotes an understanding of local and global societies, cultures and environments. Boys are encouraged to develop their investigative and problem-solving skills whilst exploring a wide variety of geographical concepts. Through their studies, boys become familiar with the concepts of change and interdependence and will develop and express opinions relating to the current events which are shaping their world.

At Wetherby Kensington through our geography curriculum we aim to:

  • Encourage and foster the enjoyment of geography
  • Promote confidence in asking geographical questions
  • Develop observation and recording skills
  • Promote the skills of analysing evidence and drawing conclusions
  • Encourage pupils to express opinions about people, places and environments
  • Encourage the use of geographical vocabulary
  • Develop understanding and skills relating to physical and interactive geographic tools, such as maps, plans and scales

We encourage and develop a number of different skills through our geography curriculum, these include: asking geographical questions; observing and recording information; analysing evidence and drawing conclusions; using geographical vocabulary; using and understanding globes, maps and plans at a range of scales and identifying and describing places around the world.

At Wetherby Kensington we try to make our geography curriculum cross curricular wherever possible. Many lessons have a practical element to them and the use of interactive websites and games aid teaching and learning. The lessons are fun and we hope that by the time the boys leave they have a sound understanding of the United Kingdom, the wider world and the geographical challenges we face today.