group of young boys sitting on a bench


Wetherby Kensington takes boys from Reception to Year 3. There are two classes in Reception and Years 1, 2 and 3. Each year group operates in a parallel fashion. At Wetherby Kensington, the school is divided into Lower School – Reception and Year 1 and Upper School – Year 2 and Year 3. Each class is named after their year group and the initial of the class teacher’s surname.

Currently at Wetherby Kensington we have two Reception and two Year 1 classes. Next year we will have a new intake in Reception and the school will grow organically from this point.

At Wetherby Kensington we emphasise acknowledging the positives. During the school day there is the opportunity for boys to be rewarded in many different ways. We have house stars, Wetherby Kensington special mentions, Head teacher’s stickers, individual rewards within classrooms, to name a few. As well as the boys being rewarded daily we have a weekly assembly where Headteacher’s awards and Wetherby Ambassador awards are given out to the boys. There are also awards given monthly for music, art and sport. During our assemblies we also celebrate achievements from inside and outside of school.

We also follow the golden rules and alongside this there is a weekly target which is often related to these rules. The class that works the hardest to achieve this target is presented with the Wetherby Kensington bear in assembly and the individual class is able to keep the bear in their classroom for one week. Our Learning for Life (PSHEE) programme also reinforces these good attitudes and behaviours from reception through to Year 3.

On Monday during assembly the boys wait in anticipation to see which House has won the most House stars for that week. The totals are read out and all of the boys cheer for each of the Houses. The Wetherby Kensington bear wears a scarf in the colour of the winning House. All House totals are displayed in the entrance hall. At the end of each term during our prize giving assembly, the House cup is presented to the house who has received the most House stars during that term. Ribbons in the House colour will be tied to the trophy.

Mutual co-operation, respect for property, respect for our environment and above all, each other, are essential to our happiness. Our boys take pride in wearing the Wetherby uniform and understand the importance of being a Wetherby Ambassador both in and out of school.