group of young boys sitting on a bench


Wetherby Kensington prides itself on the quality of the education delivered to the boys across all year groups. The curriculum is in line with but not restricted by the National Curriculum. The curriculum taught is broad, balanced, engaging and challenging. Our teaching team teach ensure that the boys are working to the very best of their ability and are having fun whilst doing so. The boys learn in bright, spacious classrooms and enjoy first rate educational materials. Our enthusiastic teachers inspire and care for the boys in small classes making sure each child gets individual attention.

From entry into Reception through to the end of Year 3, teaching is tailored to meet the individual needs of each boy. We recognise that boys perform best when their interest is fully engaged. We believe firmly that language, literacy and numeracy skills form the foundations of successful learning. In particular, boys are taught to speak clearly and to listen well.

The foundations for future learning are set in the Reception through both structured and child initiated activities. As children progress through the school we focus increasingly on academic skills, aiming to expose them to as many learning and developmental opportunities as possible and to thoroughly prepare them for their respective entrance examinations at 7+ or 8+.

The boys follow our own assiduous curriculum in mathematics, literacy, science, geography, history and religious education. They are also taught reasoning, Learning for Life (PSHEE), French, music, art, design and technology, computing and physical education (gym, swimming, football, rugby, cricket, hockey, and swimming) as part of a holistic curriculum. Specialist teachers are employed to teach French, music and physical education.

Wetherby Kensington is an inclusive school community that values all of its pupils. We actively support all of our pupils to develop and achieve their goals at a pace suited to their individual abilities. Through a range of assessment practices, we gather information that is sufficiently comprehensive to enable the progress and achievement of the boys to be evaluated and next steps to be ascertained.

Ours is a formula that works, most of our boys progress rapidly and perform at levels significantly above national norms. An important part of our curriculum is our learning for life (PSHEE) lessons. These lessons and other aspects of school life ensures that our boys leave us as confident, happy and resilient individuals which we believe is as essential as their academic success.