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School Houses

At Wetherby Kensington we believe that pupils should be happy, well-rounded and confident learners who are respectful, thoughtful, sociable and motivated Wetherby Ambassadors. We also believe that the qualities of integrity, kindness and good manners are at the heart of everything that we do. Through our House System pupils can be rewarded individually and collectively for all of these things.


At Wetherby Kensington each pupil will be grouped into a House. Boys will know their House before they start school and any new pupils that arrive during the academic year will be allocated to a House.

The names of the Houses and associated colours are as follows:

  • Regents House (Green)
  • Hyde House (Yellow)
  • Richmond House (Blue)
  • Holland House (Red)

House Stars

House Stars can be given to individual pupils for: academic achievement and effort in learning; service to Wetherby Kensington and others; good manners and behaviour.  House stars are recorded onto House star charts which are in boys’ classrooms.

Collective House Rewards

There will be a weekly reward for the House who has earned the most House stars. The winning House will be presented with the Wetherby Bear. The Wetherby Bear will wear a scarf in the colour of the winning House. The totals for each House will be displayed in the entrance hall.