Two kids sat at a desk with plastic spoons, wearing purple blindfolds

Healthy Minds & Healthy Bodies Week

Healthy Minds & Healthy Bodies Week is always an incredibly fun week for both staff and boys and this year was no different. We were thrilled to welcome Raffaella Cappello back to school, founder of Seeds For Kids (, who ran some wonderful workshops for each class. This year the boys made healthy lentil and quinoa croquettes to take home! The workshops also included food tasting and they also completed their fabulous food passports.

We also welcomed back A-Life ( to school who spent a whole day with us. The boys took part in multiple, hands-on activities, learning about all sorts to do with the human mind and body. Topics included sleep, sugar, exercise, tips on how to brush your teeth, understanding emotions and many, many more!

Making health pledges was a fun way for the boys to set challenges for themselves , whether it was to get moving a little more or to eat more fruit and vegetables during their mealtimes. We loved seeing what they came up with and hope that setting these goals made them a little more aware of how to take care of their own minds and bodies.