Pick n Mix Trolley for spring fair

Spring Fair 2022

On Friday, March 18th, Wetherby Kensington hosted their first ever Spring Fair! This event was held in partnership with Walkabout Foundation, our charity of the year. This event could not have been a better way to end the spring term. The Fair was seamlessly organised by the fabulous Walkbout Team and we were so incredibly lucky to have such a fabulous  group of organisers behind out debut event.

It was all hands on deck the night before the fair, with the school team as well as our amazing parent committee working tirelessly to turn the school into an Easter paradise. Each classroom was decorated and set up with games, activities and food stalls. The boys were not going to believe their eyes…

At 9am the next morning Miss Milnes cut the red ribbon outside the school gates and the fair was formally declared open for business. There was even a large and enthusiastic Easter Bunny (thank you, Mr Gibb) at the gate to greet them as the boys entered eagerly, ready to spend their tokens. From the moment the fair opened to the moment it closed at 2pm, the buzz around the school was second to none. Every classroom you entered there was a different activity going on, from t-shirt drawing, cookie decorating, a tombola with a tower of prizes as high as the ceiling, popcorn station, photo booth, and many many more! The Year 3 boys were hosting their very own stalls this year, selling their amazing products that they had created in Entrepreneurs’ Week the week before. I am told it was a sell-out day for all! Well done to the amazing Team in Year 3 and the boys for your hard work and dedication to your projects, it clearly paid off.

To top the day all off, there was a silent auction also put together by Walkabout. We had some incredible prizes donated by you all as parents and for that we are so grateful. The auction did brilliantly, and made even more money for our brilliant and deserving charity.

At the end of the day, the boys (and parents!) left the building exhausted but on a high from such a brilliant day at school. It could not have gone any better. We were even told by one mother that her son had said it was “the best day of his life!”…now that is a statement!

After all the fun and games it was time to unpack and decompress. The Easter Bunny retired for the year and all the decorations were taken down. The school looked rather sad. However, it  was now time to focus on what the event was truly about in the first place; the Walkabout Foundation and the amazing work and research that they do for spinal injuries around the word. All the tokens spend by the boys at the fair as well as the money raised in the silent auction is going towards this charity, and we are so happy to announce that we raised OVER £21,000 FOR WALKABOUT FOUNDATION!!!. There are no words to describe how thankful we are to everyone who took part in making the event so special and successful and we look forward to other Spring Fair’s in the future.

For those of you wanting to learn more about the Walkabout Foundation and the wonderful work they do, please take a look at their website HERE.