Sports update

Wetherby Kensington V Wetherby School 

Tuesday 12th November was a special day as both Wetherby Schools played each other for the first time in history. It was a big step forward in forming a strong relationship between the two schools, one we are eager to continue in the future. Many of the boys and teachers had friends wearing the opposite colours, which set the scene for a very friendly but competitive fixture.

With Wetherby schools size being twice as large as Wetherby kensington the odds were always against us. A bit like England vs Scotland in any sport, with a larger population, comes a larger selection of players to choose from. In this case we were the smaller nation and all six results did go to Wetherby School by quite comfortable margins. Wetherby School played with an abundance of class, organisation and ability. Aspects of the game we can all work to improve on.

However, we come away with many lessons to learn, on and off the pitch. I myself have learnt how much heart each Wetherby Kensington boy has. Not one game was going their way but together each and every one of them continued to dig deep and make the necessary tackles, runs and blocks to try and stop the consistent onslaught from Wetherby School. The amount of effort and sweat the boys put into the matches was incredible and the abundance of smiles that walked of every pitch was an even greater sight to see. The fact that the scores became worse motivated the boys to try harder proved that the perseverance of the boys is immeasurable. Well done all who kept the standards of sportsmanship to the highest standard and played to the final whistle.

A final Congratulations to the victors Wetherby School.