Autumn Term Sports Summary – Year 2 and 3

Autumn Term Summary – Year 2 and 3

Y3 vs Falkner House

The Dragons played a strong Falkner House team of year 4 boys and lost 2 – 0. The score could have been more if it wasn’t for some brilliant goal keeping from Noah and Kaplan’s awesome defending. A tough match but the boys never gave up.

The All blacks lost 2 -1. Sasha scored our only goal in a very tight game. The Springboks won 3 – 0 with Oscar scoring one and Adrien P scoring the other two to secure the win. And finally the Wallabies lost 3 – 2 in a very close match with Felix scoring both goals.

Y3 vs Wetherby School

Five games were played against Wetherby and we did not manage to steal a win this time round. The Springboks came close but ended up losing 3 – 1 in the final minutes and even more agonizingly the Dragons were leading 3 – 2 and conceded in the last minute of the game to draw 3 – 3.

Y2 vs Wetherby School

Year 2 played 5 matches against Wetherby School losing 3 and drawing 2. One of our draws was a 0 -0 stalemate and the other was a 2 – 2 thriller from the Dragons with Damien scoring the first goal and our second coming from an Isa corner, somehow ending up in the back of the net.

Year 3 & 4 Falkner House tournament

The Year 3 dragons had their final tournament of the football season in Holland Park. The boys played in 3 matches. The first match they won 2 – 0 and the second 3 – 0, if VAR was in place it could have been 5 – 0. Then the team played their final match which ended in a crazy golden goal rule which we lost 1 – 0. This game was the final in a rather confusing tournament format, therefore the team did exceptionally well coming second place. Not only were the Dragons playing against year 4 boys but we also had two year 2 boys in our team – Damien and David – both performing excellently and nobody would ever have known they were 2 years younger than some of the teams they were facing. Damien even manage to score 2 brilliant solo goals. A superb ending to the football season.

Summary of the football Season

Year 2 have played 26 combined matches this term and have done very well winning 12, drawing 4 and losing 10. Highlight of the season was playing 5 matches against Eaton house without losing a game and also the Dragons snatching a draw against Wetherby School.

Year 3 have played 18 matches altogether, not quite a successful as year 2 but they did improve on their previous football season. Some boys experienced their first wins in matches which is well worth celebrating. The highlights of the Year 3 season has to be the Dragons winning the Wetherby school plate tournament and winning the Notting Hill prep tournament, but most importantly beating Wetherby School Notting Hill in the semifinals.